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Artful Saturday with Miss Nancy

*All participants are responsible for their own art supplies. A supply list will be emailed to each participant a week prior to the first art class.

Week 1- 12/5: “Clay Sculpture Explorations”

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with clay through creating varied textures, understanding the tactility of the medium and how it works while enhancing the fine motor skills of the artist. Students will learn differences between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art as they translate what it means by taking an image from their imagination, drawing it onto a sheet of paper and then modeling it into a clay form.


Week 2- 12/12:     “Musical Mandalas”

Students will learn about mandalas, drawing in a circular form which brings about a state of calm. Music will be incorporated and discussed how different types of music cause one to experience various feelings in one’s body. We will explore the different types of lines, the basic element in art, and how lines can be used to express feelings as they incorporate such into their mandalas.


Week 3- 12/19:     “Construction Paper Collage”

Students will learn about paper as an art material and what you can do with it to create varied textures. Children will then make a collage incorporating construction paper, magazines/newspapers, recycled and fancy papers, and glue.


Week 4-12/26:     “Paint and Play”

Students will learn about the different types of paint, color mixing, and primary/secondary colors. They will learn proper painting protocols and participate in a color mixing game. Students will make their own painting, share with participants what they made and verbalize colors used and created.


Week 5- 1/2:     “Toy Theater Puppetry”

Students will learn what is a toy theater and create a script, 2 puppets and a background scene based on a favorite place they like to go.  They also will have the opportunity to put on puppet shows for the other participants.


Week 6- 1/9:    “Mixed Media- Block Party”

Students will view the painting “The Block” by Romare Bearden and take inspiration from his use of paint and collage (mixed media) based on the street he lived on. Children will then create their own versions of their street they live on utilizing a combination of various 2-dimensional art materials.

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